Saturday, July 16, 2005

Yes, that's the partial damage from a Kassam Rocket landing on the roof. It fell on our rental hours after we got the boot in favor of a party coming in for simcha on Shabbat.

The Kassam on the right was what fell on the roof. The mortar on the left is what fell and HEARD behind our bedroom window falling in the sand at 2am!

Arie and family-- we are so proud of you! Myself, Eliyahu and the kids are going tonight to Netivot, and the next day B"H I will continue on with the "push" to enter gush katif. Shirat Hayam looks beautiful. And there will be time for Darna when Moshiach comes!!!
I am connecting your blog to everyone I know, so keep up the posts about daily life.
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