Wednesday, July 20, 2005


A Typical Day

Kissufim Crossing 11:30
A typical day here in Gush Katif. People doing their shopping and building improvements, like a central air conditioning units for a Yeshiva Dormitory. Poster above is a prayer for blessings to the people and the area which is posted on the entrance to the Neve Dekalim library. It doesn't seem like anyone is preparing to leave! For night activity, the youth hitch to the Kissufim Crossing, the roadblock that seperates the condemned zone (Gush Katif) to the greater Israel. Above a boy was singled out to get a pummeling by police. You can only see his foot (with sandal) due to the police officer sitting on him. 9 police officers (count 'em) surrounded him during the takedown.

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