Friday, July 15, 2005


Our new Bayit in the "new neighborhood" on Shirat Hayam

Tent City In Shirat Hayam, Uzi Landau was here Erev Shabbat, so it is no secret.

The Dining at the New Neighborhood in Shirat Hayam


I am saddened by all the horror that the govt of Israel is thrusting on its people, who belong to the land.
Nevertheless, I, like a lot of people all over the world, I am sure, are keeping you all in our prayers.

Hashem may give each of you His strength, your faith is awesome, you put a lot of people to shame. I cannot be there, though I wish I could. My spirit is with you all.
Gd Bless each of you. Be strong be well.

Shalom shalom.

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