Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On Monday July 11, an incredible occurence happened. The grandfather clock we recieved from my In-Laws began working and hasn't stopped! So what?? You see, for the last two years it has been broken and we have kept pushing off bringing it for repair. I have repeatedly tried restarted it but to no avail. My 6 year-old simply changed the time to 12 o-clock and it hasn't stopped since.

... That same day I got in touch with T- in Gush Katif and commited me, my-wife and our three children to join the "Resistance" - the Struggle to stop Sharon's Disengagement Plan, or the expulsion of over 2000 Jewish Families from the Gaza Strip in Israel and the liquidation of all Jewish real estate property ... essentially erasing any evidence of Jewish life there over the past 30 years.

On Wed. July 13 I was planning to celebrate my wife's birthday by taking her out to a posh restaurant in Jerusalem. Instead I received a call at 7am from the Resistance that I should come down to the Gaza Strip at once as the entire area will be declared a military zone in preperation for the Disengagement less than 40 days away.

The Clock was indeed ticking....

Wow. Great site. For those going to Tzomet Kisufim by backpack, you should "yearn" to be in the Gush. May G-d grant reward for the yearning. Kisufim means yearnings.

Weren't you guys supposed to move to Neve Daniel? Are you in Gaza only temporarily? We're going to Netivot tommorrow and then maybe machsom Kisufim...
Arie and leora-You guys are great. Brave, maybe crazy. Take care of yourselves,
Arie- may Hashem grant you bracha and hatzlacha, and protect you and your wonderful wife and children! (Shomer yisroel....) I will be keeping you in mind even more! Wish I could visit you there now.
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