Sunday, July 17, 2005


Arab Terror Using Mortars and Rockets
The crater here is where the mortar landed in the parking lot that injured Rabbi Yigal Kirzenshoft and his guest from California Sunday afternoon in Neve Dekalim.

Bomb squad truck that deals with any 'messy' problems, such as when mortars do not explode. Was seen quite frequently on Friday and Sunday in Neve Dekalim.

The car rented by the Rabbi's guest from California. The bullet looking holes is actually shrapnel from the mortar. Oh, and those red streaks are not ketchup!

Above is a framed picture in the Rabbi's house. Several years back, arab terrorists shot up his van as he and his family (wife and several children) were returning home. The police reported 90 bullets were fired as well as 2 grenades. The only injury was to their baby who received cuts from broken glass. The police were at a loss for how to explain anyone even survived the attack.

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